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Mobile Marketing


SMS marketing is the newest style of technology for companies to brand and advertise their products and services to millions of people via mobile phones

The results that are emerging from this form of advertising are amazing! Companies are experiencing conversions like that have never seen from any other source of advertising

The increasing mobile phone penetration globally has instantly resulted in SMS becoming an effective alternative to traditional modes of business communication

Their main concerns for marketing leaders related to SMS marketing are security of their database, getting a flexible platform to run SMS campaign at a schedule convenient to them, doing the campaign effectively, irrespective of the numbers of messages to be sent.

The critical questions related to SMS marketing, from the perspective of marketing leaders, are as follows:
„» Whether the platform provided by service providers is secure?
„» Is the delivery being carried out using reliable channels?
„» Are the message delivery service levels measurable and is the client data is confidential?
„» Is there enough transparency e.g. online delivery and real time reports?

provide highly effective SMS Service solution to marketing companies, advertising agencies to carry out in-house SMS marketing campaigns

The user is able to devise his own campaign and carry it out without any involvement of the service provider.


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