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SMS for Businesses

SMS Business can relieve call centre congestion, improve operational efficiency and automate previously labor-intensive business processes.

There are many businesses that can benefit from the use of an SMS messaging service. These include all business with a client database that includes customer mobile phone numbers, such as

  • Advertising and Brand Building businesses
  • Retail, Factory Outlets and Wholesale businesses with a client database
  • IT companies with systems thatneed to be constantly monitored for errors and performance issues. Integrate sms into alert systems to notify personnel of problems
  • TABs and Bookmakers
  • Clubs with member databases
  • Lotto Agencies and Result Services
  • Community Groups and Government Agencies
  • Real Estate
  • Recruitment Services & Employment Agencies
  • Schools
  • Debt Recovery/Collection Agencies & Finance
  • Contractors or businesses with a mobile workforce
  • Courier and messenger services
  • Clinics to provide a appointment reminder, eg. Doctors, Dentists, Specialists
  • Large work environments for contacting staff, eg. Construction Sites, Factories, Hospitals, Airports, Casinos
  • All businesses interested in Customer Relationship Management



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